Collection: Table furniture

Japanese ceramics are completely different from Western ceramics and from the idea of ceramics that commonly characterizes the West. The world of Japanese ceramics is very rich and offers interesting products for different tastes; what undoubtedly unites all the pieces is their uniqueness and their perfect harmony. Here you will find a wide range of refined ceramics and porcelains, made according to traditional Japanese techniques, which will give a touch of the Orient and originality to your tables and homes. Most of the ceramics come from the city of Mino, which is located in Gifu Prefecture, they are called Mino Yaki because they take their name from the place where they are made. It is one of the oldest types of pottery in Japan. These ceramics are entirely handmade by skilled and qualified masters whose decoration is left to chance because we want to highlight the uniqueness, the diversity of every single object made. They are ceramics that testify to a sort of naturalism present in the things created by the hand of man, ceramics with dark colors, rough to the touch, with simple and irregular shapes, ceramics left raw that would seem almost incomplete and designed to show the beauty of imperfection. And the charm and beauty of these ceramics lies precisely in these characteristics that make each plate, cup or bowl a beautiful and inimitable piece of furniture.