Who I am

Hi, my name is Francesca Iachetta and I welcome you to my Japanese Handicraft online shop.

The idea of importing Japanese crafts into Italy was born in 2012 immediately after my first trip to Japan. Back from the trip I did nothing but think about the artistic wonders I had seen there, I was particularly impressed by the beauty and high quality of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, and so encouraged and supported by my husband Giulio I decided to leave again three months later from that first trip in search of those artists who could make and send me their products here in Italy. Thus was born in 2013 Japanese Handicraft and since then every year I go to Japan in search of expert master craftsmen and their works made with meticulous hand-made work, thus importing products such as kokeshi (wooden dolls), pottery, haori and vintage kimonos, kitchen knives and various objects. Each product is carefully chosen and arrives in Italy directly from the workshops of the Japanese artisans or shops. My goal is to find original Japanese pieces with a cultural and traditional meaning, objects that have a story to tell, in order to promote Japanese craftsmanship and through it to make Japanese culture known, and I hope to continue to to keep this Japan-Italy connection and this passion alive.

Happy surfing!